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Information and tips for picking your own berries

 Fall is here at the Farm and we have pumpkins available to  purchase. We are open every Saturday from 1 pm till 7 pm. 


Welcome to the Hybridoma Organic Fruit Farm's 2019 season. 

Opening day is targeted for Saturday, June 15th.  As we approach the date, we will note on this website the status of the fields and whether berries will be ready for picking.  Pick your own blueberries and black raspberries will span the early period of late June and July.  Blackberries will be later in the season through August.  We expect to have organic apples in late August.  

We will be open on Saturdays (8:30 AM  to 3:00 PM) with a resting period in between which allows the plants to mature more berries.   

Please continue to monitor our website for updates, especially if weather looks concerning.  We look forward to seeing you.

When you arrive at the farm, please follow signs to our parking area and then check in at the Berry Shed.

This is a working farm, so please come dressed for outdoor conditions.  We have a port-a-pot available if needed. We have expanded our playground and picnic area to make it more enjoyable than ever.  You'll need sturdy shoes to  hike through our fields to the ripest berry areas, and a hat and other sun protection.


Our price for pick-your-own organic blueberries is $8.00 ($10 pre-picked) per pound and black raspberries and blackberries is $8.00 ($10 pre-picked) per pound.  Prices for gooseberries and currants will be posted on the day of availability.

We provide containers, or you may bring your own.  Payment can be made by credit card, Applepay or cash.

Picking Containers

Hybridoma Farm supplies one- and two-gallon pails (lined with plastic bags, for your take-home convenience) for blueberries picking and plastic clam shells for brambles (raspberries and black berries).  You are welcome to bring your own containers!  We will need to weigh your containers before you go into the field, so that we can correctly tally your harvest once you're done picking. 


A Few Helpful Tips:

* Plan to pick either early morning or later in the day; our open fields provide little shade and the sun can be strong.  The early picker gets the best berries.

* Come early in the weekend. Depending how many people join us, the currently ripe berry crop could be quickly picked out.  To repeat, the early bird gets the best berry.

* We don't spray, but you might want to -- don't forget sunscreen and/or bug spray.

* Hybridoma staff will direct you to the current picking area.  Just about everybody starts picking as soon as they arrive at the edges of this area. Be bold -- go deeper into the field before you begin to pick!

* Pick only the darkest and mature berries that give to the touch -- blueberries and raspberries do not continue to ripen after they are picked.

*Get high and go low -- everyone starts with the low-hanging fruit, i.e. berries right at eye level.  Some of the largest berries, however, are hidden below and behind leafy vegetation.  Also it's very restful to sit on the ground and pick! 

* Please pick all the ripe berries you can find from one bush before moving on to another.  This is important for the plants' health and continued productivity.

* Please watch out for wildlife!  Sometimes wasps, hornets and other stinging insects build their nests inside the bushes, and these pesty critters also love to snack on berries just like we do -- look before you pick!  The farm's resident groundhogs also dig their holes, so please watch out while you are walking.  Finally, despite our best efforts to keep things trim and tidy, poison ivy and other irritant plants like mile-a-minute vine can get into our fields. Leaves of three, let it be!

* Children are welcome to use the swings, clipper ship and slide-play house.  We have also updated our picnic area and a beautiful new Berry Deck attached to the Berry Shed.

The Farm is closed for the season December 3rd, 2019

With love and big gratitude, we all at Hybridoma Farm want to thank all of our wonderful customers, friends and families for coming to the farm this year and enjoying the fruit of our labor.  We

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